Do you know a Fearless & Remarkable Healer?

Nominations are now open for the 2022 Fearless & Remarkable Healer Award for Nurses!

This recognition will be awarded to 60 special nurse / advanced nurse practitioners finalists who have been through trauma (personal and/or during the pandemic) yet continue to bring hope and healing to other wounded healers and their loved ones.

Delivery Mode: 100 Nurses / Advanced Nurse Practitioners will be celebrated on this platform and 60 chosen for the award.

Submission Deadline: May 30, 2022
Announcement of Final 50 Nominees: July 1st, 2022

Honoring the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Florence Nightingale, 2020 was designated by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife.

While we were gearing for the celebration, COVID19 hit globally! Since then, the celebration has been in the back burner globally. Once in a while, we hear a few mentions this. Not only that we hear many declare Nurses as their heroes, yet, they are often not brought to the table to discuss as experts.

I am Dr. Fumi Stephanie Hancock, DNP, PMHNP-BC, CNP, Principal and CEO, Pool of Bethesda Psychiatric Health (POB Psychiatry). I am a  Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with over thirty years of experience. 

I AM A WOUNDED HEALER who was told I was wrong to dream BIG. As a ‘wounded healer’ who experienced various types of trauma from age 5 and beyond,  I have dedicated my nursing career to helping traumatized people recover and thrive. I am uniquely qualified and committed to help nurses heal themselves and better care for others.

Over two years ago, I was asked a pivotal question by a company which was considering me as part of their first cohort for Nurse Innovation Fellowship: Why Are You a Nurse? Why do you care? And what do you care about? Their response to my backstory ended me as part of the cohort.

My Story:

  • Attempted Suicide
  • I struggled as a Single Mother to raise my two boys while being kicked out of our home
  • Lost businesses and no way of making ends meet.

    But I overcame my trauma and now thriving beyond my wildest dreams. Then came the pandemic in 2020! Nurses like myself delved right into safety and healing mode.

  • Today, the American Nurses Foundation (the Foundation) released findings from a new mental health and wellness survey of more than 9,500 nurses as part of the Pulse on the Nation’s Nurses Survey Series. As the pandemic approaches the 2-year mark, nurses report they are still experiencing negative impacts of COVID-19 on their mental health and well-being, and the adverse side effects have increased significantly over the past year. 
    According to the survey, over 34% of nurses rated their emotional health as not, or not at all, emotionally healthy. Most nurses surveyed said they have felt stressed (75%), frustrated (69%), and overwhelmed (62%). Close to half (42%) of nurse respondents answered “yes”, when asked if they have had an extremely stressful, disturbing, or traumatic experience due to COVID-19. Among nurses who said they intend to leave their position in the next 6 months, close to half cited work negatively affecting their health and well-being (48%) as a top reason followed closely by insufficient staffing (41%).  

    The truth is this, nurses are selfless! They don't think twice before helping others even when they are going through depression, anxiety, fear, and of returning home or perhaps taking COVID19 home to their loved ones.

    Through it all, Nurses do not want to be called heroes! They just want to do their jobs and go back home safely to their families.

    In my practice, there is a surge of nurses and advanced nurse practitioners who are secretly seeking help for the trauma they are experiencing due to the relentless and seemingly unending pandemic experience. I have continuously used TRAUMA SHIELD, My Healing Narratives to walk over 1000 clients through their current Acute Stress Syndrome and PTSD.

    The number keeps rising as the world keeps relegating mental illness into the background. If care is not taken, we will see an exodus of our frustrated and traumatized fearless and remarkable wounded healers like myself.

    Nurses are Innovators, Researchers, Writers, Educators, Artists, and Healers. This award sheds light on our beautiful nurses and advanced nurse practitioners as they walk through their trauma while helping others to heal. WE CANNOT SIMPLY IGNORE OUR NURSES.


    Celebrating our Nurses ( the right way) by nominating them for the 2022 Fearless & Remarkable Award.
    The Fearless & Remarkable Healer is focusing on healing from TRAUMA. We dedicate this nomination platform to our NURSES.

    Our most recent success is
    Fearless Visionaries Tear the Veil 1.0 & 2.0 were the beginning of helping leaders in different sectors deal with their trauma by changing their narratives.


    Are you patients, friends, colleagues, and family members of our remarkable healers? WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.

We encourage you to take the time to nominate your fearless and remarkable nurses. These are incredible nurses who demonstrate their expertise, practice compassion, and are relentless in helping their patients who may be dealing with mental illness or other types of diseases.

The fifty finalists and their nominators will be interviewed as we honor the finalists by announcing their names on our platform and unveiling what we will be awarding them, TRAUMA SHIELD: My Healing Narratives (for Nurses & Advanced Nurse Practitioners Only)

Our nominees will also be featured in our collection of healing stories, FEARLESS & REMARKABLE HEALERS 1.0

More details will be announced as they become available. 

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Judging Overview & Contest Criteria

  • All entries will be judged under the supervision of a qualified judging panel whose decisions are final and binding on all matters relating to this contest. 
  • Judges are solicited in various ways, namely from the FEARLESS VISIONARIES board, Nurses /Advanced Nurse Practitioners chosen from different spectra of the field.
  • Judges can, but are not limited to, include a health care provider (i.e., mental health providers), psychiatric nurse, and patient advocate.
  • Suppose a judge cannot be impartial to judging a particular nomination. In that case, they excuse themselves from reviewing the nomination, and the remaining judges will provide their input to ensure there are no conflicts of interest.
  • POB Psychiatry and her staff members will organize the complete judging component of this contest and will serve as a third-party voice during judging, when necessary. 
  • After the period for nominations closes, the selected judges meet several times depending on the number of eligible nominations.
  • One hundred nominees will be selected then narrowed to the top 50 declared finalists. They will be given the first TRAUMA SHIELD: My Healing Narratives Innovative System.

The entries will be judged on criteria which include:

  • Professional nursing certification of the nominee ( regardless of area of specialty).
  • Completed nomination form submitted by the end of the nomination period. Self-nominations are accepted.

  • In at least 300 words, a thorough and thoughtful description of how the nominee recently demonstrated fearless and remarkable expertise, compassion, and helpfulness in caring for their patients. More importantly, show what and how trauma has impacted their lives.

Tell us your fearless & remarkable healer story.

Submit Your Nomination

Submission Deadline: May 30, 2022
Announcement of Final 50 Nominees: July 1st, 2022


It takes a village to raise a child. This is an African adage that holds true. Likewise, it will take a group of people coming together to help care for our wounded healers. Most times, our nurses push to care for others even to the detriment of their own health. They take their responsibilities very seriously.

Due to the surge of nurses & advanced nurse practitioners dealing with acute stress syndrome, chronic depression, anxiety, and some suicidal thoughts, it is imperative that we not only call them our heroes but show how much we value them by celebrating them as well as providing means of moving from trauma to recovery. Otherwise, get ready for a massive exodus in this field.


To that effect, WE NEED YOUR (
Individual) HELP. Would you care to send a self-care package to a nominated fearless & remarkable healer? For more information about the self-care monthly subscription box: TRAUMA SHIELD: My Healing Narratives, CLICK HERE

Corporate Sponsors are welcome. TRAUMA SHIELD: My Healing Narratives are also customized for companies who desire to care for their staff's mental wellness.

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