TRAUMA SHIELD: My Healing Narratives

Rewriting Your Trauma Stories . Discovering Your Legacies.




Introductory Month Ditch Your Fears in 90 Days

Month 1 Combat at Heart &  From Trauma to Recovery

Month 3 Rebuilding Life After Trauma

Month 5 Art of Magical Thinking

Month 7  Confessions of the Fearless

Month 9  The Heroin in Your Rescue

Month 11 The Heroin in Your Recovery

Final Month: My Life, My Story is My Legacy to the World

Month 1 Depression and Anxiety Part
Month 3: Low Self-esteem and Body Image
Month 5   Lack of Focus and Concentration
Month 7   Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) & Acute Stress Syndrome
Month 9   Passion Plan
Final Month Rehabilitative Storytelling

TESTIMONIALS - What People Are Saying About

With the advent of the Pandemic- #COVID19, several people - children, teenagers, young adults, adults, and seniors are suffering from trauma.

Caregivers such as Nurses and other Healthcare workers are completely exhausted acting for the infected. While they are called heroes, all they want to do is go back home safely to their own families. 2020 was the year of the Nurses, yet there was not much celebration as they were inundated with death all around them. Many are ready to quit out of frustration and the fear of taking the infection home to their own families. Many have lost their lives or their family members' lives.

Besides the COVID19 pandemic, Mental Illness is overtaking lives, yet not much light is shed on it.

Mental Illness is being placed in the back-burner, yet another pandemic brewing underneath COVID19. Dr. Fumi Stephanie Hancock, Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health, CEO, and the principal provider at Pool of Bethesda Psychiatric Health (POB Psychiatry), is ready to do something.

Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Dr. of Nurse Practice, Dr. "Fumi" Stephanie Hancock, DNP, PMHNP-BC, CNP, with over 30 yrs experience in Psychiatry and Social Welfare has developed a unique way of tackling trauma and its related mental health concerns in the comfort of ones' own. Her own life story brings to this system her compassionate character.

TRAUMA SHIELD is a self-care mental wellness solution that uses the power of healing narratives to help traumatized nurses care for themselves.

PS: While this does not take the place of seeking professional help, "My Virtual Message Box" brings to you tools to help mitigate mental Illness and brings mental wellness to homes.

Trauma Shield: My Healing Narratives is helping others to use their life stories as a healing tool: from trauma to recovery. This is a unique way to deal with trauma, regardless of its' origin. The Inspirational and Mental Wellness Box is a monthly subscription.

Rehabilitative Storytelling: Proven, User-Friendly, Mental Health & Wellness Solution for Rebuilding Life after Trauma (for Mental Health Professionals & Trauma Victims).

Every virtual subscription box has learning opportunities and self-healing activities to sustain what is being learned.

Dr. Fumi Stephanie Hancock, DNP, PMHNP-BC, is a Bestselling Author, TEDx Talk Speaker, Podcaster, CEO of Pool of Bethesda Psychiatric Health (POB Psychiatry), a group of Mental Health Clinics in Arizona, USA.

NOTE: The first phase of this system will be delivered electronically. The boxes you view are simply prototypes for boxes that will be displayed online. If interested in a physical subscription box to be delivered to the nominee, please contact us: CLICK HERE

What's In Each Virtual "My Message" Subscription Box:

(1). “Life My Fire an Online Behavioral Health Trauma & Life Mastery Assessment Tool
●Access code to the assessment and automated scores and interpretation of the scores.

(2). Learning Opportunities: Master Classes
●Access code for online rehabilitative storytelling content & opportunity to have questions addressed.

(3). Special Inspiration Video Room with Messages about the system and other Fearless & Remarkable Healers' testimonials.

(4). The Book-of-the-Month, Mood Journal, and Adult Coloring Book

(5). Self-healing Activities

(6). Writing Activity

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My Inspiration for TRAUMA SHIELD: My Healing Narratives

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The power of storytelling energizes people to explore the unknown and try the impossible. a person's social status should not limit him to live a certain life.