It takes a village to raise a child. This is an African adage that holds true. Likewise, it will take a group of people coming together to help care for our wounded healers. Most times, our nurses push to care for others even to the detriment of their own health. They take their responsibilities very seriously.

Due to the surge of nurses & advanced nurse practitioners dealing with acute stress syndrome, chronic depression, anxiety, and some suicidal thoughts, it is imperative that we not only call them our heroes but show how much we value them by celebrating them as well as providing means of moving from trauma to recovery. Otherwise, get ready for a massive exodus in this field.

Phase 1 Commences March 2022

● An initial cohort of 60 nurses self-nominated or nominated by peers

$1000 per nurse will cover production costs, support, and initial rollout.

Kick-starter & sponsorship campaigns to raise a total of $60K in funding

● The cost will decrease dramatically to accommodate additional larger cohorts of nurses at scale

To that effect, WE NEED YOUR (
Individual) HELP. Would you care to send a self-care package to a nominated fearless & remarkable healer? For more information about the self-care monthly subscription box: TRAUMA SHIELD: My Healing Narratives, CLICK HERE

Corporate Sponsors are welcome. TRAUMA SHIELD: My Healing Narratives are also customized for companies who desire to care for their staff's mental wellness.
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