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December 12

It may be more than winter blues.

With temperatures dropping and the days getting darker sooner, you may find it’s affecting your mood — and you may not feel like leaving the house as much either. Maybe you think it’s just a case of winter blues. The cause might also be something a bit more serious, like seasonal affective disorder

(SAD). According to the Cleveland Clinic, this condition is exactly what it sounds like, a “depression that gets triggered by a change in seasons, usually when fall starts.” And it gets worse in the winter. But, thankfully, when spring arrives, SAD typically ends.

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January 3

During this pandemic, my patients, as well as clinicians, have been coming to ask me questions about narcissistic personalities. So I finally took them up on their recommendations – to write a book on it.
Please first join me in thanking God as frankly, this was the most difficult book I have written. I have successfully written 24 books with 19 being bestsellers. But this one tested me in ways you cannot even imagine.

December 27

It won’t set you up for failure.

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, it’s easy to make a bunch — you’ll pay off all your credit card debt and finish writing that book. But you then find yourself not achieving any of them. That’s why intentions are better than resolutions for 2022.
YouGov found that approximately one in four Americans said they made New Year’s resolutions for 2020 and about half of the respondents said they kept actually kept some of them. So why is it so easy to break our resolutions, which are like promises to ourselves? 

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September 24

With the advent of the #DELTA #COVID19 raging throughout the world, there is an increase in anxiety, panic, and other mood disorders. Dr. Fumi Stephanie Hancock, Your #Compassionate #Traumacare Expert, Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Dr. of Nurse Practice, is interviewed on CBS – Good Morning Arizona (AZFamily) to discuss #Olympian Simone Biles (#Tokyo2021), her Mental Health, and how we can all learn #lifelessons from her bravery.

YOUTUBE VIDEO of the INTERVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49frEkz_zgc


August 22

TUCSON, AZ – Watching the news, speaking with my patients, and even just listening to random strangers converse, I’m saddened by what I’m hearing. My perspective is different than most. You see, I grew up in the South-Western Region of Nigeria, Emure-Ekiti kingdom where my family, the Adumori Royal Dynasty has ruled since about 1200 AD. As an African Princess Living in Diaspora, I have seen firsthand what it’s like when people don’t have access to adequate medical care. People in Africa and other parts of the world are dying from a lack of necessities like food and water, and here in America, we are blessed to have access to a miracle of modern science that can save your life. It’s mind boggling and irritating that people are so against this vaccine....

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May 19

Health care worker makes her plea
Healthcare/Mental Health

Watching the news, speaking with my patients, and even just listening to random strangers converse, I’m saddened by what I’m hearing. My perspective is different than most.

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