More About TRAUMA SHIELD: My Healing Narratives

Recover from
Trauma & ADHD in a Unique Way.

Welcome to this safe space for "Wounded Souls and Healers" like myself.

How I help people:
(i). Move from Trauma to Recovery and;

(ii). Treating ages across lifespan suffering from ADHD (Attention-Deficit, Hyperactivity & Impulsivity Disorder), is different.
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My journey in this Mental Health field can be categorized in two parts:
(i). My recovery expertise journey as a Social Worker and a Social Justice, Inspirational Writer. After life's challenges, I pivoted into psychiatry / mental health where I currently treat patients across age spectrum for mental health illnesses and wellness;

(ii). My lived experiences where I experienced trauma from sexual assault at a very young age to almost completing suicide on Verrazano Bridge, New York, over 25 years ago, after a bitter divorce, homelessness, and loss of thriving businesses.

Today, as a board-certified psychiatric mental health Dr. of Nurse Practice, building a life of meaning and purpose is the bedrock of my life. I accomplish this by serving people, daily, from 6 yrs old to seniors who are experiencing severe mood disorders, suicidal thoughts/ideations, anger outbursts, and acute stress syndrome.

This space is dedicated to Trauma Shield: My Healing Narratives
and Living With My ADHD.

Trauma Shield: My Healing Narratives

We must not only deal with the current pandemic - COVID19, it's time to pay attention to our mental health across the globe.

In addition, Healthcare Workers (Nurses, Physicians, etc.) report more Anxiety, Depression, and Burnt Out Syndrome.

As a wounded healer, I bring to YOU tools in "My Message Box" which will help you develop your mental health muscles, strengthen your hearts, provide psychiatric tools to help you combat mental illness from the heart and the brain.

As a master storyteller, I share with you my personal challenges, failures, and successes. I share my disappointments, frustrations as well as the resilience it took, to push beyond mental illness.


Living With My ADHD

As someone who migrated to America over 30 years ago, and come from a silent culture where mental illness is regarded as a taboo; I did not get diagnosed with ADHD (Inattentive Dominance) till I was over 30 years old!

Test your attention with a short and engaging cognitive test

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I am Dr. Fumi Hancock.


Creator, TRAUMA SHIELD: My Healing Narratives
. Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Dr. of Nurse Practice. Mental Health - Trauma TV Expert. Bestselling Author. TEDx Talk Speaker. Podcaster. CEO, Pool of Bethesda Psychiatric Mental Health - POB Psychiatry Group of Clinics.

I Am A Wounded Healer:
I Am the Princess of Suburbia

Whether you are looking for ways to address trauma or searching for a fresh perspective in dealing with mental illness such as depression, anxiety, and other phobias, are you aiming to find tools for mental wellness, are you are looking for "how-to" recommendations on navigating the mental health awareness world, I offer a variety of life experiences, products, services and yes masterclasses designed to move you from trauma to recovery and unleash the very best in you.