Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Dr. of Nurse Practice, NAFCA African Films , Indiefest Film Award-winning Master Storyteller, Bestselling Author/Publisher of Fearless Visionaries:Tear the Veil the Book, Director/ Producer of Awardwinning-Documentary, and Creator of AsktheWEBPSYCHDNP.

We Have Been Silent Long Enough! 

Gang-rape, Sodomy, Brutal Female Genitalia Cutting, Social Injustice, Child Kidnapping-Trafficking on a Foreign Soil, Teenage Suicide on the horizon... These are a Few of the Horrific Atrocities Exposed When These Wounded Yet Thriving Visionaries Blow the Lid off Their Stories of Resiliency, Relentless Determination, and Unyielding Strength. Till date, I have written 24 books ... 14 Amazon bestsellers. This project has been the most rewarding as it sheds limelight on other women not only sharing their experiences but offering viable solutions. Together, we go where many would dare not go, making impact on one woman at a time, one family at a time, one nation at a time and one continent at a time.




Though an African princess, she has experienced turmoil which led her to depression, anxiety, suicide attempts.  

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Her Royal Majesty, Queen Iyabode Mariam Adebayo Queen of Emure Ekiti Kingdom, Nigeria Says #TeartheVeil (see below)  

All of these stories are riveting, jaw - dropping, real to the core, raw on purpose and read like movies, intentionally.


This is a Cinderella story about an African Princess. Only, this is not a fairy tale but a true story...one with twists and turns far from cinderella. Fumi grew up in the Western Region of Nigeria, West Africa as an African Princess. Her grandfather, Odundun Ogunleye ruled the people in peace and harmony. As a young princess being groomed to one day take up her responsibility in the royal household, that is, to help her kingdom, Emure Kingdom, she had other dreams of also becoming a prolific and celebrated writer both in the literary world and in the movies. Her dreams to one day write books, find innovative solutions to mental health and make name for herself outside of royalty, was the driving force behind her agreeing to her father’s demands to come to America to further her post-graduate studies at the age of 17.

We Arise From Life's Ashes!

Fearless Visionaries™ Tear the Veil 1 & the Princess of Suburbia® Awards


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Expect to be awakened, as the fierce power of these women, is revealed and the battle cry of their stories is heard globally.


When someone is inspired to gather a group of women to write about their lives ... Child Abuse, Failed Relationships or Mostly on how to overcome life's unexpected brutal curves, it is not meant to be an attempt for scholars’ glorification but a platform to contribute to solving social problems that are being experienced throughout the world today at an alarming rate.  

Many may be attempting to collaborate where writing a book is concerned. It pales in comparison to this phenomenon.  

THIS IS NOT JUST AN ORDINARY COMPILATION but a necessary healing journey, unveiling atrocities which have been committed against these extraordinary women, tearing the veil off their once-silenced voices! I stand with these resilient "princesses" to say No More! Our African Princes will no longer be accused of social ills neither will our princesses be abused any longer!  

Get ready to cry, laugh, and be stirred up to take action! #FearlessVisionaries, it's time to #TeartheVeil with US.

This Book of Missions™ called Fearless Visionaries: Tear the Veil™ is like no other! It could not have happened at a more convenient time.  

This phenomenal movement was created by our very own African Princess, Dr. Princess Fumi S. Hancock, with a view of providing a real opportunity for future generations to learn from how these women are triumphing over their life challenges on a daily basis. She leads others by tearing her veil on her personal battle with depression, suicide attempts, disordered eating... all triggered by a failed marriage!  

The choice of joining my voice with my beautiful princesses by writing the foreword to this well-researched work will undoubtedly surprise many people, particularly in Nigeria, West Africa where His Royal Majesty, a Class A King, King Emmanuel Adebayo rules (ADUMORI ROYAL DYNASTY). Share your story with us as we march on with these volumes and prepare the way for others to share in other volumes: ENTER FOR DETAILS  

About the Royal Dynasty

Our History: Ruling Since 1200 ADs click for video 

Princess Fumi, King, Queen at the Palace

His Royal Majesty & Queen's Coronation click for video  

Fearless Visionaries: Unlocking Our Stories™ By Co-Authoring with Bestselling Author, African Oscar Winner, Int'l. TEDxTalk Speaker, Dr. Princess Fumi S. Hancock, DNP.

 Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Stay-at-Home Mothers - We Are Women Who Are On A Mission. We Are Experts At Telling Our Compelling & Riveting Stories! Together, We Share Our Inspirational Stories to Restore Vision, Ignite Passion, Renew Life Purpose and Refuel Destinies. 

Our Journey Begins With The Book of Missions

Fearless Visionaries Tear the Veil™, the Book

19 Extraordinarily Courageous Women With Dynamic Stories that Will Ignite Your Passion, Turbocharge Your Life Purpose and Refuel Your Destiny for Global Impact.

 BOOK PRINT LAUNCH DATE IS MARCH 20, 2019. (By Invite Only)  



Resilient. Ambitious. Tenacious. Courageous. Amazing. Selfless. Passionate. Brilliant. Caring. Radiant. Loyal. Focused. Determined. Generous. 

Although born into a royal household in Nigeria, it did not shield Dr. Princess Fumi S. Hancock, DNP struggles with from abuse and suicide ideation as she finds her foot on the pedal ready to plunge off the Verrazano Bridge in New York, USA.

Homeless, jobless, depressed, and suicidal, the Middle East Saved Me! Wendy Alexander finds peace behind the veil and manages to overcome the opinions of others in America to build an international business in the Middle East.

Laying on the cold floor, drugged and unable to move, Eryka T. Johnson is gang raped by eight men while in college after a R&B concert. 

Drop-dead fearless, a healing heeler; and a limitless dreamer, Fatima Mohammed defies the outdated social practices of her country and inspires women to remain dauntless in the face of doubters and challenges. 

Hearing the un-settling news of her daughter’s thoughts of suicide, Yolanda Dupree battles a deep depression and war against the inner chatter that says, “you failed as a mother.” She shares her story of molestation at a very young age.

“You’re a liar!” is how Jay Kamara Frederick remembers feeling when her sexual predator was found not guilty in a UK courtroom after she endures a difficult three-hour interrogation. She too struggles with the teenage trauma of female genital cutting. 

Killings, shootings, and abuseshe could have easily been a statistic in her crime-ridden neighborhood, but opportunity and open-mindedness allowed Dr. Leonora Muhammad, DNP to escape and find purpose in helping others in the healthcare system. 

We are secrets not meant to see the light of day, Today, we tear the veil breaking genration curses over our sons and daughters.  

Nothing or no-one to hinder them.

Driven by a mother’s love, Flerida Santana-Johnas fights to save her son from a system that wrongly accused him of sexual misconduct on a college campus simply because of the color of his skin.

Lying in bed helpless and bleeding from her neck and shoulder, left to die, Ramona Phillips spends most of her childhood protecting her mother from abusive men and later fights the same challenge in her own relationships.

Powerhouse. Innovative. Kind. Fierce. Bold. Driven. Dedicated. Enthusiastic. Funny. Phenomenal. A Friend.


Assertive. Strong-willed. Compassionate. Helpful. Inspiring. Insightful. Valuable. Myself. Genuine. Strong!

Although born into a royal household in Nigeria, it did not shield Dr. Princess Fumi S. Hancock, DNP struggles with abuse and suicide ideation as she finds her foot on the pedal ready to plunge off the Verrazano Bridge in New York, USA.

Impregnated by rape by her cousin by the rape of he cousin only to experience the horrific trauma of a terminated pregnancy forced by her aggressor, Onyinye Chukwunyerenwa struggles to trust her family who refuses to expose the cycle of incest. 

Teased and terrorized in school by her peers for being different, Markita D. Collins overcomes the effects of dyslexia and instead uses words both written and spoken to heal others around her. 

Kidnapped from her birth family, stuffed into a rice sack in India, in a rice sack in India, unaware of plans to sell her into child trafficking, Dana Priyanka Hammond lands in the adoptive care system of to America only to experience the abuse of a narcissistic adoptive mother. 

Thrust into the role of caregiver at the age of nine with her mother diagnosed with breast cancer, Dr. Debby Olusa never imagined she would make it out of her poor, crime-infested neighborhood to study abroad at Cambridge University.

Broken and ashamed, Teri Charles struggles to find hope after each failed pregnancy and fertility treatment. 

“Guilty!” was the verdict heard, altering the trajectory of Chanelle Washington life as she faced a 17-year prison sentence for assault while married to an abusive spouse.  

Trembling and shaking while in the kitchen one day, feeling depressed and anxious, Dr. Eveangel H. Savage considered ending it all but instead managed to find help. 

Committed to a man for 26 years who lives the double life of a serial cheater, Ramona Jones finds herself constantly forgiving and struggling to overcome post-infidelity stress syndrome. 

Challenging the custom of most Nigerian families to remain married, Edna Chichi Njoku escaped an abusive marriage in America, while not having citizenship, to follow her dream of becoming a Hollywood-Nollywood filmmaker.

Brave. Good. Powerful. Hope. Soothing. Adventurous. Illuminating. Optimistic. Unique. Invincible.

19 Extraordinary Women With Dynamic Stories that Will Ignite Passion, Turbocharge Life Purpose and Refuel Destiny for Global Influence.  

19 Extraordinary Powerhouse Women With Dynamic Stories who are changing nations with their truth. These modern-day heroines suffered in silence until now. Their stories are raw. Their pain is real. Their advice is heartfelt. Their life strategies are proven. Take a journey with them through this book of missions™…  

Whether you are a Housewife, Careerwoman, Entrepreneur, join us as we #teartheveil, bringing healing and restoration to themselves and the world at large.  

"Our Stories Are Our Legacies." We May Not Be Celebrities but Our Stories Matter too!  

Visionaries - A Visionary Woman is one with a strong sense of the future. She understands that she is a game changer who challenges status quo to create a better and brighter tomorrow.  

#Tear the Veil - These Fearless Visionaries Tear the Veil as Master Storytellers by pulling back their life curtains, digging deep beyond their current situations and sharing powerfully positioned stories that speak to Women (Men alike) Across the Globe.  

The Art of NURSING OR CARING is a Universal Language. Everyone across the life spectrum want to be cared for and/or desire someone to care for. Visionaries understand their reason for being. They value life's lessons (good, bad, indifferent). These incredible stories are shared by women whose primary goal is to heal others as they create a stage for themselves globally. Fearless Visionaries Tear the Veil, the Book  

19 Extraordinary Women With Dynamic Stories that Will Promote Vision Rehabilitation, Ignite Your Passion, Turbocharge Your Life Purpose and Refuel Your Destiny for Global Influence. (Inspired by Hollywood California-NAFCA African Awards "African Oscar" Winning Documentary, Fearless Visionaries Tear the Veil 1.0)  

Directed by Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock 12x Bestselling Author ~Written 21 Books Women of Essence Awards Literary Excellence Award Recipient 2018 TEDxAlAnjal-Saudi Arabia 1st African American African Princess on AlAnjal TEDxTalk Platform  

We Are Sharing Our Stories to Save the World.


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